What You Should Know About Vital Issues In Cocktail Dresses

From there, the dress's sticker bodice posed an additional challenge to Montes because she had to fit the top exactly to her body's measurements. Her cousin, Gabby Montes, helped her make the necessary adjustments. From ideation to execution, both dresses took the students about a month of work — both in and outside of class — to complete. All that time and effort was well worth it. While both dresses make impeccable fashion statements, they make even more significant social and political statements . "More than anything, we wanted to spread Planned Parenthood's message. Planned Parenthood provides so many different services for so many different women," the students explained. "What PP provides is incredible and as women, especially young women, we must step up to fight for the protection of these services and our reproductive rights."  They hope their message resonates เสื้อครอบครัว พ่อ แม่ ลูก with a broad audience and contributes to the ongoing conversation advocating for equal and accessible healthcare.  They also hope their dresses inspire others "to use different mediums to create work that impacts society in a positive light." But even more importantly to them, they hope that by showing a creative commitment to an important cause, they can empower those who might not know about Planned Parenthood to research its variety of healthcare services for both women and men.  "There is a stigma surrounding the organization," they explained. "[But] Planned Parenthood provides educational services, contraception, and other important procedures and checkups like pap smears and breast exams."  And while their statement-making dresses may be done, the students' advocacy work is not. "I would love to continue incorporating important themes in my artwork," Montes said.

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