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Female supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh hold up posters during a rally marking his 70th birthday anniversary in Sanaa (23 March 2012) Yemen's future looks grim after Saleh's killing By Peter Salisbury Yemen analyst, Chatham House These are external links and will open in a new window Having avoided the fate of fellow Arab autocrats in 2011, Yemen's former President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed in a roadside gunfight while attempting to flee the capital Sanaa. Saleh will be remembered as the man who shaped modern Yemen in his own image, but who was more willing to burn the country to the ground than relinquish power. Yet without his deal-making skills, the civil war he helped to spark and the devastating humanitarian crisis it caused are only likely to get worse. Saleh's death came as a shock to most Yemenis. He loomed large over the country, living on his wits - he likened ruling Yemen to "dancing on the head of snakes" - and was a consummate deal-maker who exceeded and outlived all expectations. Shortly after Saleh was named president of North Yemen in July 1978, the local CIA station chief predicted that he would be dead within six months - the latest in a series of Yemeni leaders to fall victim to infighting. He went on to rule for 33 years, surviving any number of assassination attempts - including a near-fatal bombing in 2011 - and even coming close to clawing his way back into power after being ousted during an Arab Spring uprising that year. Image caption Saleh avoided the fate of fellow Arab autocrats in 2011 As president, Saleh oversaw the merger of North and South Yemen, fought two civil wars, and formed and abandoned any number of alliances of convenience in the process: with tribesmen, Islamists, technocrats, jihadists and latterly the Houthis, a group of Zaidi Shia rebels who he had spent almost a decade trying to crush. It was during a typically audacious manoeuvre - turning on the Houthis and offering to link up with Saudi Arabia, who he had been fighting alongside the Houthis - that Saleh met his demise.

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(L to R)Whitby studentsfFifth grader Elise Bruyland sorted clothing with kindergartner Emilia Sandomierz on Nov. 30. Grade 5 students pose with their Kindergarten pals and clothing gathered for Sharing Shelf on Nov. 30. Grade 5 students pose with their Kindergarten pals and clothing gathered for Sharing Shelf on Nov. 30. Whitby students donate clothing to local low-income families GREENWICH — Whitby School students got into the giving spirit this week by collecting and donating large amounts of gently used children’s clothing to the Sharing Shelf, a Port Chester, N.Y. organization that gives clothes to needy families throughout Westchester County. Over Thanksgiving break, parents and children gathered shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, dresses, fleece jackets, winter coats, shoes and boots. On Nov.

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“Our patients have an adult-onset, muscle-wasting disease that first affects their feet, then their fingers, hands and upper body — in that order,” Welsh told Healthline. “Because it’s genetic and many of them don’t see it coming, they tend to care about fashion more than, say, patients who have had a similar condition since birth. Not finding cool/sexy/easy-to-wear clothes is one of the biggest complaints I get.” For Welsh’s patients, mainstream clothes can present a host of issues. They have problems pulling up zippers, buttoning blouses, and wearing tightly fitted clothes. They often have to wear a size up, and many prefer straight or boot-cut (cuffed) pants so that they can grab onto the cuffs to pull their legs up into a car. Long sleeves are a challenge, as they can restrict hand movements. And elastic waists are typically better for movement. But, as Welsh explains, “Many of our patients are vital, productive, attractive people with a lot to offer. It’s sad and unnecessary for them to have to relax their choices in clothing when they’ve already yielded the loss of so many other options in life.” She looked over Tommy Hilfiger’s offerings herself, and reached out to some of her patients to find out what they think. “I’m impressed. The patients like the magnetic buttons,” she said.

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