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Parliament In that debate, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott graphically detailed the abuse levelled at her. A later survey found she was on the receiving end of 45% of all such attacks on MPs. Separately, some Conservative rebels have complained of being threatened because of their stance on Brexit, which both the prime minister and home secretary have condemned as "unacceptable". The Committee of Standards in Public Life recently published a report on intimidation in public life, which made a number of recommendations including legislation to shift the liability of illegal content online towards social media companies. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionLabour spokesperson Debbie Abraham says she's had no 'satisfactory response' When Parliament started up again with a confidence-and-supply system in place for the Conservatives, a repeat of the hung Parliament of 1974 was predicted, which was characterised by tight votes and intricate whipping efforts. But one of the most striking and unprecedented features that emerged was that the government began to abstain in non-binding votes rather than suffer even a symbolic defeat. This incurred the wrath of Labour, who used an elaborate strategy to force a vote in which its motion passed unanimously. The opposition accused government of disrespecting the House, and Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom defended MPs' right to vote as they see fit. When it came to adopting this approach on a Labour motion requiring ministers to publish sectoral analyses on the impact of Brexit, the Speaker ended up ruling the vote was binding. This in turn led to the government being asked to publish documents which, in the words of David Davis, "don't exist" .